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Bedroom Cupboards – Doors or No Doors?

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Open closets have become standard in many European countries. The trend has finally crossed the ocean for 2019 and homeowners throughout the United States are embracing the idea of a closet space without doors. The premise behind open closets is that they banish doors (and often the walls themselves) in favor of a highly organized system of built-in shelves, doors, baskets and drawers. The results fully integrate clothing with the character of the room, creating a true dressing room space within the bedroom.

Open closets tie in with the current trend towards open floor plans throughout the home. By removing the doors to your closet, you can also visually increase the square footage of the room. To pull off this look, however, you must have a very organized closet.

Some ideas to ponder:

  • Large Walk-In Closets: Removing the door and/or wall from a large walk in closet will visually open up the bedroom to create a dressing room space within the room. It is very important to use a lot of built-ins to keep the area looking organized and tidy. Color choices, from the hangers, to baskets, to choices of finishes used should coordinate with the décor of the sleeping space. Glass cabinets can be used to great effect as a place to showcase special possessions. Large walk-in closets can also incorporate a closet island into the design, taking the place of dressers and other furniture pieces in the bedroom. This will open up the sleeping space further, possibly allowing for a sitting or reading area.
  • Small Walk-In Closets: Smaller closet spaces can also be opened up to both increase the amount of functional storage area within the closet, and also to open up the visual square footage of the bedroom. Getting rid of the door in these instances can often create prime storage real estate in the area that used to be hidden behind the open door. Using built-ins that coordinate with the décor in the rest of the room makes the space a part of the bedroom and will ensure the closet stays tidy. Special articles of clothing and accessories can be used as pieces of art to add a level of personalization to the space that might otherwise be unachievable.
  • Reach-In Closets: A small reach-in closet can offer a lot of attractive storage when replaced with closet built-ins. Completely removing both the closet doors and the return walls will open up the space in even the smallest bedroom. As a bonus, storage potential is also increased through the better organization of the space. It is a good idea to include drawers or doors when opening up a small closet space like this to keep small items tidy and eliminate the need for other furniture in the room. Depending on the depth of the closet, additional built-in storage can be incorporated in place of the return walls.

With the ever-growing popularity of open floor plans and a trend towards smaller homes, there has been a surge in demand for open closet designs. Many people really like the look that a more open layout offers in the rest of the house and want to extend that aesthetic to the bedroom. High-quality built-ins are essential to making the open closet idea work in the bedroom. They will control or eliminate the otherwise cluttered look that can happen when a messy closet is left exposed. Drawers and cabinets with doors incorporated into the built-ins will do a lot to further contain clutter, however, baskets on shelves can also work for this purpose. Built-in storage can even replace other furniture in the bedroom like dressers.

A bedroom with an open closet will never look like a generic hotel room. Due to the unique nature that accompanies any personal wardrobe, the bedroom with an open closet will take on the unique personality of its owner. Expect to see more and more open closets in future American homes. Done right, they are a great way to increase storage while giving an expanded feeling of spaciousness.