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Kitchen Design Tips

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Designing your new kitchen can be a daunting task. Looking at all the possibilities on your Pinterest board gives you some good design ideas, but most of the time the practicalities are obscured. The last thing you want is to walk into your brand new kitchen for the first time, and then have that OMG moment where you realize that you forgot to incorporate a critical element into the design, and now it is too late to do something about it.

We have compiled a shortlist of ideas to help you navigate the complicated, exciting time of redesigning your kitchen

  • Add stools in bright colours to give life to your kitchen. A brightly coloured stool creates a contrast point and breaks the monotony.
  • Use a cushioned bench with backrest instead of stools at your island table.
  • Incorporate an island. It provides prepping space, a conversation area, and loads of extra storage space.
  • Use a rustic table as a table/prep area.
  • Extend the island top to create a dining area.
  • Use an island trolley on wheels instead of a built-in island to provide flexibility in your space.
  • Pick timeless finishes and fittings to keep your kitchen relevant for years to come.
  • Make a statement with brightly coloured light fittings.
  • Add contrast by using different kinds of stone, door finishes, colours or finishes, like glass and wood finish doors.
  • Use an eye-catching tile as a contrast to your colour scheme.
  • Use graphic tiles as a backsplash behind your stove to create a focal point.
  • Mix your wall units with floating shelves. Store your colourful bowls and cookbooks on them.
  • Paint your ceiling in a bold colour.
  • Use different colours for your floor and wall units.
  • Contrast your white cupboards with your wall and/or floor tiles.
  • Hide some colour in your cupboards for a pleasant surprise. In other words, give the insides of your cupboards another colour.
  • Put drawers inside your grocery cupboard for easy access.
  • Place drawers to the sides of your stove.
  • Plan where your large appliances will be stored.
  • Hide your appliances behind a sliding door. This removes clutter from your counters, and a sliding door could create a striking feature in your kitchen.
  • Add baskets in the open space between your wall units and the ceiling. We tend to do one of two things. Either we close the space to the ceiling with a filler, and it becomes wasted space. Alternatively, we have open space above our wall units that become disorderly packing space. Putting nice wicker baskets on top of the wall units tidies the space and creates a lot of additional packing space.
  • Place your rubbish bin close to the sink and dishwasher.